About Us
One-Stop Destination for all your Fashion Needs

Trendy, affordable, and sustainable clothing

Mehar, pronounced as “meh-huhr”, signifies kindness, blessings, and grace. The story of Mehar began with a few fabric swatches, strong determination, and a vision. A vision to bring International fashion trends to the common people across the globe. And with that goal in mind, in 2019 Mr. Harpreet Randhawa decided to take the plunge and launched Mehar, an online fashion clothing brand that caters to the fashion taste of men and women across the world.

Meet the Founder

Armed with a degree in business, entrepreneurial skills, and high ambition; Mr. Harpreet Randhawa started Mehar as a meeting ground between fashion and business. Driven by his insatiable love and passion for the Indian craftsmanship, merchandising, and business; Mr. Randhawa set forth on a journey with no looking back!

Conceived with an intention to create trendy, affordable, and sustainable clothing; today Mehar caters to the fashion taste of men and women across the world.

The Incredible Journey!

One-Stop Destination for all your Fashion Needs

In the last three years, the online fashion clothing brand has grown from strength to strength while constantly evolving and expanding its product portfolio! Since its inception, the ready-to-wear, fast fashion brand has become synonymous with trendy, versatile, and comfortable clothing for men and women.

When Mehar was launched in 2019, we had a dream team of just a handful of people and today we are hundreds of members of the proud Mehar Family. From using effortless silhouettes to creating intricate designs, Mehar has grown to be a powerhouse of traditional yet contemporary fashion. Today, Mehar is magnificent, effortless, bold, inclusive, stylish, and a fashion-forward brand!

Driven by Undeterred Passion and Love

Driven by Undeterred Passion and Love!

We specialize in delivering the internationally inspired fashion trends to your doorstep with an affordable price tag!

The core of our design philosophy originated from the thought that fashion is an extension of our personality and being fashionable should not come at a huge cost. All our products are designed in-house by our highly creative and experienced team of fashion designers. Mehar’s intricate designs and patterns are an expression of love, passion, and pure joy for the confident men and women.

We don’t just create garments. We create memories that make our souls sing with joy!

One-Stop Destination for all your Fashion Needs!

Mehar was launched as a fashion clothing online store for men and women, however, over a period of time, the brand has grown to include traditional handcrafted juttis, premium range of men’s shoes, women footwear, and various other accessories.

In short, Mehar is the one-stop destination for all the fashion needs of men and women, all under one roof (website)!

As a brand, we are intuitive to our customers' fashion needs as well as global influences such as high street style, runway fashion, and social media - all merging together to bring you globally inspired fashion trends at your doorstep!

Our comprehensive collection is an amalgamation of comfortable casuals, festive range, fusion wear collection, formal styles, accessories, and footwear; adding just the right amount of style and glamour to your wardrobe!

We strongly believe in customer satisfaction and we go the extra length to ensure high quality of each garment through rigorous checks. All this is done to ensure that only the best quality products reach our valued customers!

While we are deeply humbled by the love and trust that we have got from our esteemed customers, we have to say that our journey has just begun. Only onwards and upwards from here!

One-Stop Destination for all your Fashion Needs

Employment Opportunities

Mr. Harpreet Randhawa soon realized that his passion for entrepreneurship has unlimited potential to create avenues of employment opportunities; and thus he channelized all of his energies in strengthening the brand. Today, the online fashion clothing brand has created employment for hundreds of skilled artisans and local craftsmen from local villages in Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, and Rajasthan; providing them with a steady income and a platform to showcase their talent!

Globally Inspired. Environment-Friendly. Consciously Made.

We at Mehar, understand that being fashionable should not come at the cost of harming the environment. That’s why, we go the extra mile to ensure that we follow eco-friendly manufacturing practices and ethical production standards to create our garments with a minimal environmental footprint.

We strongly believe that style, sustainability, and affordability can go hand-in-hand; it’s just a matter of making the right choices. Thus, we make conscious efforts in minimizing the environmental and social impact of garment production.

As a brand, we make efforts to reduce wasteful energy consumption by using low-impact dyes, upcycled natural materials, and responsibly sourced cotton to create our garments. We approach the process of garment production in the most transparent and ethical manner that takes into consideration both the people and the planet!

Our sustainability criteria:

  • Eco-friendly manufacturing practices
  • Handmade by skilled artisans
  • Recycled materials
  • Minimal waste
  • Handwoven, Handcrafted

We combine style with sustainability while trying to make the world a better place, one step at a time! Ultimately, we create products that you and the planet will love!