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10 Trendy Neck Styles of Kameez in Salwar Suits

neck styles salwar suits

Salwar Kameez is a popular style of clothing for the women folk in India. Among the key style elements which are looked for in a Salwar Kameez is the type of neck design which is present in the dress. The popularity of the neck styles keeps changing with time.

Neck styles in Vogue


Pot and patch: 

pot and patch neck style

This dual neck style is popular, and it may transform a plain outfit into something attractive and trendy. A blue Ajrakh pattern fabric patch on the bust section of a Kalamkari high neck kurta creates a striking visual contrast. You can attempt a print with plain or textured patches, or a print on print.

V-neck collar:

v neck style

A V neck opening is great if you want the dignified look of a collar without the strangling sensation. The little slit makes it easy to get into the Kurta and eliminates the need for additional buttons or openings. You can use contrast piping to draw attention to the ends and make it more appealing. If you go too far with the slit length, you can wind up showing cleavage.

Square neck:

square neck design

A square neckline, whether on a simple or designer suit, has a substance that can make a woman look stunning while also making her appear slimmer. To highlight the frame, neck, and collar bone, this looks best on a woman with a short neck and narrow shoulders. Square necklines at the front and back of the salwar suit look finest in cotton fabric.

Scoop neck:

scoop neck style

A kameez with a deep U neck gives a gorgeous look. A number of fabrics can be used to make this style of neck. The scoop neckline is what gives one a desired and attractive appearance. The depth of this neck can be determined by the individual's comfort and body form.

Halter neck:

halter neck style

Halter necks, which are influenced by Indo-Western culture, are the most beautiful approach for women to display their confidence and an air of freedom. With a spaghetti strap, these look great. Halter neck tops can also be worn as kurtis without the use of dupattas. For a new and stylish style, young people can easily pull off this look.

Asymmetrical Neck:

asymmetrical neck style

This one-of-a-kind asymmetrical neckline is highly popular these days. Most fabrics, patterns, styles, and embroideries go nicely with this asymmetrical neck. Even with classic salwar kameez, this is a sure hit for a unique style statement. The neckline is tilted on one side, as the name says, to give you a unique look. To define the merging line, you can use buttons or tie-up lace.

Boat Neck:

boat neck style salwar suit

A boat neck type salwar is one of the best ways to highlight that gorgeous collar bone. The wide neckline that goes almost till the collar bone looks like a boat and is given the name of boat-neck. This style can be worn by women with slim shoulders to give them a larger appearance. Boat necks are often unadorned, with modest piping serving as a finishing touch.

Timeless Round neck:

round neck style

It is suitable for practically all body types and sizes. You may generate numerous styles by simply altering the width of the round shape. A neck-deep circular is ideal for a casual, everyday style. Go bold and show off your long neck to look sensual and attract attention.

Simple U-neck:

U neck style

It has a nice appearance and is suitable for practically everyone. The comfort and styling versatility of this neck is its finest features. You won't have to adjust the dupatta to cover your chest or go for a complex style. Simply add some lace to the neckline and you're done! 3/4-sleeved tops look great with U necklines.

Front dori neck:

front dori style of neck

Dori is a thread that can be used to tie knots around heavy pendants or beads. Dori is typically utilised at the rear of garments, and this pattern can be found on blouses and even salwars. The front style dori neck, on the other hand, is quite unusual and one-of-a-kind. You may dress up your neckline with a variety of tassels, potlis, and other embellishments.

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