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History of Patiala Suits

The Patiala suit is a variation of the salwar kameez, a classic Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Afghan attire. Loose trousers with a drawstring, a short kameez, and a chunri make up the lovely Patiala suit. This vibrant Patiala suit has been around for generations and it is worth knowing about.


There hasn't been enough proof to figure out where this amazing Patiala suit originated from. However, there are several historical examples, such as:

Patiala suits, which come in a variety of colours and fabrics, are named after the city where they were created. It was built on the foundations of the imperial state of Patiala. For the regal rulers of Punjab, this Patiala salwar kameez was originally known as the Pattian wali salwar (or shalwar). There was one Punjabi lord in this section of the city who was infamously loved among females of his era because he wore loose creased pants, which were quite pleasant to wear aside from the grandeur.

On the other hand, the Maharani of Punjab had directed her personal tailors, Santak Singh and Pritam Singh, to sew current shapes and styles for the finest Patiala, and these men faithfully followed her directions until the Patiala was ready to wear. The Patiala was so beautiful that it became popular in the 1960s, and it mostly supplanted the traditional ghagra.

Evolution of Patiala suits

Between 1840 and 1930, young women were seen wearing velvet or amber pyjamas (suthan) both indoors and outdoors, rather than lehenga cholis. By 1930 the suthan, which resembled modern-day salwars which had become the traditional clothing of Sindhi women. This Sindhi sudhan, also known as chareno, had exquisite pleating on the thighs, somewhat narrowed at the knees, and ultimately was fitted at the ankles, just like the Punjabi suthan of Patiala.

Sindhi Cholo and Suthan

With the traditional suthan, women of that era paired it with cholo ( a modern-day loose fitted kameez). This cholo is sewed in a variety of cuts like opening at the front with the waist with wide sleeves to suit the taste of all women. And to cover the head and shoulders women used a dupatta or a odhani, with the sindhi suthan and sindhi cholo.

Faceless weavers behind the outfit

Patiala, a delightful little town in Punjab, is famous for its amazing Patiala suits. Due to the comfort they provide, Patiala suits have been stitched in several styles, shapes, and fabrics in every street to meet a wide range of women's tastes.

Apart from these expert weavers, Patiala suits are made in every home, and women come up with fresh ideas and improvements, as well as new fashions and attractive designs.

Present-day Innovations & Popularity

Patiala suits are available in a range of shapes, contemporary designs, themes, and embellishments to lend a modern twist to a traditional outfit, thanks to its high popularity. Apart from the many styles and motifs, the pleats on the Patiala salwar can be altered to the wearer's liking.

It is also favoured clothing at the office, when attending social gatherings, for bridal wear, and when going to see a movie because of the open and flowing styling. There is no certain age group of ladies who would be comfortable wearing this sheer and beautiful outfit. Patiala salwars are adjustable, and the kameez can be customised (short or long tunics) to suit your preferences.

Young ladies, on the other hand, are drawn to vivid colours, whilst older people prefer pastel colours. To achieve precise creases on the thighs, the cloth used to sew the Patiala must be lightweight yet firm. Cotton, mulmul, silk, crepe, georgette, lustrous silk, and rayon are some of the most prominent textures used in Patiala salwaars. And you won't have to pay special attention to this Patiala suit's upkeep.

Less popular facts

  1. Folds of fabric are sewn in a way so that they meet at the base
  2. One needs requires at least two-fold length of fabric as compared to normal salwar suits
  3. The fall of the several creases gives a gorgeous hanging impact on the salwaar.
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