New trends mix and match the ethnic and everyday modern

Ever thought of blending your ethnic adornments with western outfits? Pairing Indian jewellery with western outfits can be tricky but if done right, this fusion can look dazzling. Move over regular denims, pants, jeans and tops! Wearing the customary silver and kundan (traditional form of Indian gemstone jewellery) with Indian dresses is so old school.

Fusion trend is the new cool! Adding stunning ethnic piece into your regular wear will instantly up your style quotient. The right mix of ethnic and western will make heads turn and heart tremble. Designer - branded or even off-the-street, fusion trends will add an undeniable charm to your personality. Here are 8 simple ways to weave ethnic into your daily wear.

Go glamorous with an ethnic jacket paired with casual western clothing


Try adorning skilfully embroidered ethnic jacket with simple casual wear like a gown, jumpsuit, kurta, or any dress. You may choose from a plethora of options including a long-sleeved embroidered jacket to floor sweeping jackets or waistcoats that could be paired with crop tops. Leheriya (distinctive striped wave like pattern from the state of Rajasthan, India) and kantha (a distinct style of Bengal embroidery) printed jackets are quite the rage these days.

You can combine white shirt and denims with an ethnic jacket that has intricate Indian prints or motifs. Pair it with classy oxidized jewellery and voila! You be ready to flaunt the perfect fusion look. Jumpsuits can also be combined with a waist coat that features rich embroidery and embellishments like stone or mirror work. The outcome of the contrasting styles of garments will certainly create a refreshing and trendy look.


Blend the combinations

You can still bring the traditional touch to your clothes by pairing western wear with exuberant Indian prints. There is a wide assortment of tees, crop tops, gowns, kaftan tops, which though have modern cuts, still feature innumerable prints and embroidery work. Combine these fashionable tops with trendy jeans to get a contemporary look with an Indian twist. Team a crop top with a dhoti or Patiala pants, or you can even try a ghagra instead of typical jeans. Similarly, you can wear a formal button-down shirt with a whirly or flowy skirt of Indian design bearing dramatic and bright prints. It is being observed that the subtle colour tone of western wear goes well with the vibrant colours of Indian wear.

Leave your mark by using statement jewellery

You can generate quite a unique look by adorning Indian jewellery with daily wear. Thanks to their fine workmanship and beautiful designs. Oxidized jewellery is the best and most popular jewellery among women of all age since they are available in varieties and can be suited with any ensemble.

Chokers, pearl necklaces with Kundan work and temple jewellery go a long way in making quite the fashion statement. You can pair chokers with strapless necklines or sleeveless tops for an elevated look.


Similarly, you can also experiment with terracotta jewellery or lac jewellery which you can combine with your daily wear. Threaded jewellery with colourful tassels is another great option to team with plain blouses. When wearing a simple dress, don’t forget to finish up your look by adorning jewellery. You will be amazed to find the innate ability of jewellery to elevate the overall aesthetics of your appearance.

Head gear also known as ‘Maang tika’ though a little unconventional go extremely well with ethnic dresses. Even a simple Anarkali suit, lehenga or saree can demonstrate a rich and royal look when paired with stunning headgears.


Experiment with footwear

You can give ethnic twist to your appearance with not just dresses or jewellery; you can also incorporate trendy Indian footwear to add a bling to your casual daily wear. While wearing denim jackets or pants over a short dress, instead of heels, go ahead with Indian footwear like kohlapuris (casual and traditional form of slipper) or jootis. These are footwear with tassels and puff work that look spectacular with Indian ensembles.


Flirty Skirts

Long, flowy skirts form the best bet for summer season and every girl has got to own one. Instead of teaming a flowy skirt with traditional choli, we recommend you bring a little twist in your dressing sense. A well-tailored white buttoned-down shirt can be paired brilliantly with a printed bright coloured skirt. Complete the look with a leather belt, and pair of brogues!


Dhoti Pants

Comfortable yet super stylish, pair your favourite pair of dhoti pants with a crop top. You just need one of your favourite tops or cropped jackets and you are good to go! You can further bring dimension to your outfit by wearing the dangling silver earrings. Pair your outfit with heels or wedges to add a more modern vibe to your already interesting look.


Go big

Remember one golden rule, bold is beautiful. Go ahead and try dresses in classic Indian prints that are customised in western cuts. Try out an Ikat crop top or a khadi maxi dress. Then, showcase your style studded ensemble by accessorising it with big, bold oxidised jewellery. Whether you are going out with friends, or showing up for important events, you can always express your fashionable side with this great fusion of maxi dress and ethnic ikat crop top.


South Asian hippie

Kaftans and Midi dresses from one-of-a-kind ethnic textiles are bang on, on the foible meter. Dare to try-out with a makeshift turban, a bandana, flowers or absolutely anything you want. All you need is attitude to pull it off like a pro!


The Final Note

Gone are the days when the ethnic outfits were only reserved for special occasions or festivals. Nowadays, it’s not rare to see fashion forward women mixing two trends, traditional wear with a pinch of a modern style.

Summer season is on full swing and new trends are popping everywhere. While the latest trends are always advisable to try out, it might get boring to show up at work or class wearing the same outfit others are also wearing. If you have Indian accents lying unused in your jewellery box and your closet, the time has come to use them and add glamour to your everyday outfits.

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