Trending Belted Sarees for that Stylish Look and the History of Kamarband

Nothing beats the charisma and timeless beauty of that nine yards of grace when it comes to flaunting them during weddings and the festive season. From brides to bridesmaids; saris have been the most favorite traditional outfit for every Indian woman.  

Over a period of time, the most timeless drape has witnessed a glamorous upgrade every now and then. The concept of the traditional draped sari has gone through various twists and turns, over the years.

The hottest trend that has taken over the fashion circuit is the belted sarees. Keeping your sari in place with a stylish belt is a trend that has been around for a while now, and for all the right reasons.

History of Kamarband

The belted sari is an amalgamation of tradition and modernity that holds your sari drape in place, while defining your waist line. In fact, an embellished belt not only keeps the traditional aspect intact but also adds an oomph factor to the look.

So what is it about belted saris that from Bollywood divas, to real brides and bridesmaids are going gaga over them? Well, the reason is the stylish and fuss-free look! Wanna know, what’s the icing on the cake? These trending sarees with belts are super easy to accessorize. Ladies, if you are looking for some stylish ways to wear a belted sari at an upcoming wedding or a special event, here are some ideas for you!

Kamarband – The Indian Waist Belt

The Indian Waist Belt or the Kamarband has been part of the traditional attire since the very beginning and has been an integral part of bridal looks too. Since ages, as part of the tradition, the brides in the Southern part of India wear the classical, bejewelled kamarband with their Kanjeevaram silk sari on their wedding day along with the elaborate bridal jewelry and hair accessories.

Indian Waist Belt

Although waist belt (kamarband) has now become a sort of a fashion statement; typically they were worn to keep the heavy bridal sari in place during the long and elaborate wedding rituals.

The Rich History of Kamarband

The history of Kamarband (ornamental waist band) dates back to the time immemorial. Originating in the Indian Subcontinent; the usage of Kamarband (waist chains) can be traced back to 4000 years ago.

The Kamarband (also known as kamar patta) has always been considered as one of the finest and lavish embellishment throughout the long and rich Indian history. Since ages, Kamarbands have been worn by men and women including children in India as ornaments during religious ceremonies or worn as accessories to show opulence.

The Rich History of Kamarband

Several sculptures and paintings dating back to the ancient Indus Valley civilization prove that Kamarband (Indian waist band) was an extremely popular form of embellishment in the Indian traditional aesthetics. In fact, various paintings depict the Lord Krishna wearing the Kamarband.   

While the ornamental waist band is known as Kamarband; the fabric ones are called as Patka. Patka is a beautiful piece of a garment made of cotton that is worn around the waist by people belonging to the upper class and royal families in Rajasthan.

The Solah Shringar without which a traditional Indian bride’s look is incomplete, comprises of an embellished kamarband that makes for a must-have accessory for the Indian brides.

Cut to centuries later, waist belts aka Kamarband is still a popular ornament for women, particularly brides. Various Indian fashion designers are going back to their roots with this trend by adding their own contemporary twist.

Trending Myriad Styles of Belted Saris 

Let’s begin with some trending, drool-worthy, belted saris styles that have taken the social media by storm:

The Evergreen, Classic Style!

Want to know how to pull off a belted sari look on a wedding or a reception? Have a look at the brides from South India. The traditional brides from the South India have been teaching us how to wear a silk sari with a belt with élan like since forever now.

Trending Myriad Styles of Belted Saris

You can take a little inspiration from it and wear a beautiful Kanjeevaram or a Banarasi sari and amp it up with a gold waist belt to keep it timeless!

Slay the Ruffled Sari Look with an Attractive Belt!

The ruffled sarees never looked as great as they look with the stunning, chic belts. A ruffled sari with an embellished belt is an ideal example of style and functionality. We can assure you that the bride's sister is going to absolutely love this style!

Pull Off that Pre-Stitched Sari Look with a Stunning Belt!

Don’t know how to drape a sari? Well, worry not! A pre-stitched sari is the perfect solution for you. Moreover, combine the pre-stitched sari with a matching belt and what you get is the fuss-free sari outfit. Now, what else does one need? This belted indian saree outfit is perfect for those women who don’t enjoy the idea of wearing a sari. In fact, a pre-stitched saree never looked this stunning than how it looks with a beautiful, matching belt.

Chic Leather Belts for the Indo-western Look

Have you ever thought of accessorizing a classic leather belt with a sari? If not, you can give it a second thought! You can create a perfect fusion look by combining your favorite leather belt with a gorgeous silk sari. And you are all set for the wonderful Indo-western look and how!

Be On Top Of the Fashion Game with Printed Saris with Matching Fabric Belts

A gorgeous printed sari with a matching belt can make you look breathtakingly gorgeous. The Indian fashion designer and couturier, Sabyasachi Mukherjee has been doing belted sarees for quite some time now, and the Bollywood Divas and Indian women are loving it.

Matching Fabric Belts

Sabyasachi Mukherjee styled beautifully designed saree with a delicate and sleek belt to ace the belted saree trend.  Remember, how Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif took the social media by storm as she wore Sabyasachi's pastel pink, floral print sari with the Sabyasachi belt featuring his royal Bengal Tiger logo at the waist. She made the belted sari look so effortless and yet stunning.

For all brides-to-be, a printed belted sari is a must-have for your bridal trousseau as it is an extraordinary blend of glam, easy-to-wear attire.

Keep it Trendy by Matching Sari Belt with the Blouse

How about matching your belt with the sari blouse? Here is another way to look stunning in belted saris by matching the embroidery and fabric of the belt with the blouse.

Corset Belted Sari

When paired with a sari; corsets add glamour to the overall outfit. Corsets define the waist and lend a slender shape to the traditional sari look. Make heads turn by wearing a traditional silk sari with a wide, corset belt; to give it an edgy look. Bollywood divas such as Kangana Ranaut and Shilpa Shetty have effortlessly pulled off a sari with a corset belt.

Bollywood Loves Belted Saris

Belted saris are the hautest trend and needless to say, the leading ladies of Bollywood absolutely adore the belted sari trend. From Katrina Kaif, Karisma Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, to Nushrat Barucha; the belted saris are a rage on the red carpet and the star-studded weddings.

Bollywood Loves Belted Saris

Kamarbands are for all body types

It is a myth that kamarbands (waist bands or waist belts) are only made for slim and curvaceous women. A kamarband suits all body types. You just need to opt for a style that goes well with your body shape. For women who are on the heavier side, they can opt for something that is lightweight in design, and has simple detailing in order to offer an illusion of a curvy frame.

Types of Waist Belts

Jeweled belts: A fine and delicate, jeweled kamarband goes perfectly with a traditional, silk sari such as Banarasi sari or Kanjeevaram silk sari. Some of the popular gemstones that are generally used in jeweled kamarbands are pearl, emerald, crystal, ruby, Swarovski crystal and diamond. If you have never worn a kamarband before, then its advisable to begin with a crystal studded one.

Jeweled belts

Fabric belts: When you want something subtle and muted; go for matching fabric belts. You can also create the same kind of embroidery of your blouse on the sari belt.

Kundan belts: A Kundan waist belt add a certain grace and elegance to your sari or a lehenga. You can wear it on different, traditional occasions such as weddings, reception, Navratri events and so on. If you are donning a heavy saree; go for a kundan kamarband that will highlight your curvaceous frame beautifully and lend your attire a touch of elegance.

Metallic belts: For pastel coloured sarees; go for simple metallic belt that would add a modern touch to your attire.

Carved metallic belts: If you want something traditional and heavy, go for beautiful carved metallic belts that have intricate designs carved on them. In fact, carved metallic belts are one of the most commonly used belts for the belted saris. Whether you are wearing a heavily embroidered sari or a plain one; the carved metallic belt goes well with both of them.

Kundan belts

These belted saris styles are too gorgeous to be missed! A belt always adds structure to a saree and ultimately makes the traditional outfit look even more stunning and glamorous. Belted sarees are in vogue and will remain so for a long time to come.

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